My practice is rooted in observation, and I am intrigued by the sensations of color that describe form and delineate shapes in nature. Studying the seasonal effects of light as it passes through trees and changes during the day is the subject of my current work. My intention is to evoke the sensation of being in the landscape, suggesting the quick fleeting moments as well as those that linger. Heavy vines, soaked with rainwater, wrapping around and hanging down a tree, as well as light catching the residual water left from the rain on a leaf, are subjects I find compelling.

The close study of the landscape grants many rewards- the more I look, the more is revealed about color, light, and structure. After a period of concentrated looking, the awareness of my surroundings brings into focus things that earlier passed unnoticed: a leaf held by an indiscernible, single spider’s silk dancing in a light breeze or the warm, golden glow that envelops the walker in a forest of fallen, autumn leaves. Painting in the landscape is, for me, meditation of a kind; time begins to slow, and as it does, life becomes less complex. Looking into and through the trees is where I see harmony.

My work, then, is an attempt to articulate and share my experiences in the landscape.  As the world becomes more enamored with technology and social media, I hope, with my painting, to remind the viewer to slow down and take the time to look and see the natural world in all its fleeting beauty.